PetRover Hammock Car Seat Cover

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🛡️ Comprehensive Protection
The PetRover Car Seat Cover provides complete protection for your furry friend during car rides. It safeguards your car's seats from dirt, hair, scratches, and messes, ensuring a clean and well-maintained interior.

🚗 Travel Convenience
With this seat cover, you can bring your dog along with you anytime you're on the go. No more leaving your beloved pet behind. Enjoy the company of your furry companion on road trips, outdoor adventures, or even quick errands.

🧼 Easy Maintenance
Keeping your car clean and fresh is a breeze with the PetRover Car Seat Cover. Its waterproof oxford material effectively repels spills and stains, making it easy to wipe off any messes or clean it with a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

🔒 Enhanced Safety
The seat cover is designed with safety in mind. It features four headrest straps, a nonslip backing, and secure devices to keep it firmly in place, ensuring stability during car rides. Additionally, the cover includes two openings that allow you to insert your dog's seat belt for added security and peace of mind.

The PetRover Hammock Car Seat Cover for Dogs is a 100% waterproof and versatile car seat cover that provides comprehensive protection for your furry friend. With premium mesh visual window, multifunctional usage scenarios, and safety traveling design, this pet car seat cover is a must-have for pet owners on the go.


Travel with your dog anytime

Never leave your furry best friend behind when you're on the go by using this dog seat cover for back seat. You can travel with them with peace of mind.

Keep your car clean and dry
With the waterproof oxford material, the cover not only keeps hair and paw prints away from your pup but also prevents leaks and messes.

Easy to switch between hammock and bench coverage
The PetRover Car Seat Cover is easy to convert between dog car hammock and standard bench coverage, allowing you to share the backseat with your dog and protect the entire back seat from dirt, hair, scratches, and keep it clean.

Ensure your dog's safety
The cover is held in place by four headrest straps, nonslip backing, and two devices secured to the seat. Two openings can be inserted into the dog's seat belt for added safety.


Premium Mesh Visual Window

Provides better air circulation for your dog and helps them reduce anxiety when traveling.

Convertible Side Flaps
The side flaps on the dog hammock for car help your dog to get in and out of the car easily while preventing scratches on the leather benches and doors.

Multifunctional Usage Scenarios
Easy to switch between hammock and bench coverage.

100% Waterproof
Unique quilted dog backseat dog hammock has two waterproof layers. 600D oxford with water-resistant coating and TPU which is a new waterproof material can prevent your seats from getting stained or wet.


  • Two sizes available: Standard (143cm Width x 152cm Length) and X-Large (153cm Width x 162cm Length)
  • Weight: Standard - 1.3kg, X-Large - 1.6kg
  • Colors available: Black
  • Included in package: 1 Dog Back Seat Cover, 1 Dog Seat Belt, and 2 Door Slide Straps
  • Care and Maintenance: Machine washable or use gentle cycle.



Will this fit my car?

The PetRover Car Seat Cover for Dogs is suitable for different vehicles like cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Is this cover waterproof?
Yes, it is 100% waterproof with two waterproof layers.

Can I still use my seat belts with this cover on?
Yes, there are two openings that can be inserted into the dog's seat belt.

Is it easy to clean?
Yes, the cover is machine washable or can be cleaned using a gentle cycle.

Can my dog see me through the window?
Yes, the premium mesh visual window provides better air circulation for your dog and allows them to see you and outside clearly, reducing their anxiety when traveling.