PawCove Multi-Function Cat Toy - Solid Wood Turntable and Sisal Scratching Post

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Entice your feline friend with the PawCove Multi-Function Cat Toy, combining a sturdy solid wood turntable and a premium sisal scratching board. Engage your cat's playful instincts and preserve your furniture with this durable and entertaining toy set, crafted from natural materials.


Sturdy and Durable
Crafted from natural sisal, solid wood, and paper rope, this cat scratching board is built to last. Your cat will enjoy hours of play without wear and tear.

Multi-Functional Design 
At the base of the cat scratching post, you'll find a captivating toy ball track with three cat balls. Plus, there's a spring feather toy nearby, perfect for training your kitten's hunting abilities.

Stability Assured
Worried about a tall cat scratching post? Don't be. The protective pad at the bottom ensures stability, allowing your cat to play without any safety concerns.

Protects Your Furniture
Redirect your cat's scratching instincts to this post, saving your other furniture from unwanted scratches. Your home and your cat will both benefit.



    Q1: How do I clean the cat scratching board?
    A: Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning, and wipe with a damp cloth and pet-safe detergent for deeper cleaning.

    Q2: Is this cat toy safe for kittens?
    A: Yes, the toy includes a spring feather perfect for training kittens' hunting abilities.

    Q3: How stable is the cat scratching post?
    A: The post is designed for stability with a protective pad at the bottom, ensuring it remains upright during play.

    Q4: What is the size range available for this toy?
    A: The toy comes in two sizes, Small (S) and Large (L), catering to different cat breeds and spaces.



    Step 1: Let your cat explore the scratching board and the turntable.

    Step 2: Watch as they engage with the toy balls and the spring feather for endless entertainment.

    Step 3: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your furniture is protected while your cat stays engaged and active.



    • Color: As shown in the picture
    • Material: Wood + Sisal
    • Number: BF0421
    • Available Sizes: Small (S) and Large (L)


    Elevate your cat's playtime and exercise their natural instincts with our Multi-Functional Pet Cat Toy. It's the perfect addition to your cat's life, offering hours of entertainment and saving your furniture from unwanted wear and tear.