PawCove Easy-Climb Pet Steps - Pet steps for cats, Small dog stairs, Non-slip pet stairs, Portable pet steps

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Fearful of your pet risking injury when trying to reach new heights?

PawsUp Easy-Climb Pet Steps surpass dog ramps and wooden steps with superior safety, stability, and comfort. No accidents, injuries, or lifting needed - just maximum traction for your pets.


Easy Access
Enable your pet to reach elevated spots effortlessly, such as your bed or couch, without the need for lifting or straining yourself. Say goodbye to constantly picking up your pet.

Safety and Stability
Provide a secure and stable way for your pet to climb up and down, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Keep your pet safe and protected.

Joint Health Support
The gentle climb of our pet steps reduces stress on your pet's joints, making it ideal for older or arthritic pets. Help maintain their mobility and overall joint health.

Versatile Placement
Our pet steps come in various colors and styles, blending seamlessly with your home decor while providing functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • NON-SLIP STABILITY: Designed with anti-slip rubber particles for secure footing.
  • PORTABLE CONVENIENCE: Lightweight, easy to move for your pet's comfort.
  • REMOVABLE COVER: Ensures cleanliness with an easily washable cover.
  • TOOL-FREE ASSEMBLY: Simple setup without the need for any tools.
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE CLIMB: Ensures a stable and cozy ascent and descent for your pet.
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL PETS: Perfect for cats and small dogs for indoor use.
  • QUICK UNBOX & USE: Unfold, secure, and your pet can enjoy safe climbing immediately.

Discover the convenience and safety of the PawsUp Easy-Climb Pet Steps for your furry companions. Our pet steps are meticulously designed to provide stability, ease, and comfort for your pets, ensuring they reach their favorite spots with ease.

Crafted with a non-slip bottom featuring anti-slip rubber particles, these steps guarantee enhanced stability and security, preventing unwanted slipping accidents. Their lightweight and portable design allow effortless movement from room to room, catering to your pet's needs anywhere in the house.

Cleaning is a breeze with the removable and washable cover, maintaining freshness and cleanliness. Assembling these steps is hassle-free - no tools needed! Just follow the simple instructions for a quick setup.