PawCove Cam Feeder

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SMART FEEDING: Schedule up to 8 meals daily with 1-20 portions each. Control via our intuitive app.

QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Features a high-quality motor and 3L visual hopper for consistent and ample food storage.

VOICE COMMAND: Use the 10-second voice recorder to call your pet when it's mealtime.

LIVE INTERACTION: Includes a 720p camera with 115-degree wide view for real-time video and voice interaction.

DUAL POWER: Works on both wall adapter and batteries to ensure uninterrupted feeding.

EASY CLEAN: Removable food bowl and grain outlet for hassle-free cleaning.

FOOD VARIETY: Compatible with various dry food types including single-shape and mixed-shape kibbles.

Discover a whole new level of convenience and joy with PetPal's SmartFeeder. This innovative Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder ensures your pets get the nutrition they need when you’re not at home, while allowing you to be a part of their mealtime from anywhere.

High-Quality Motor & Grain Storage Barrel: The SmartFeeder features a robust motor that provides reliable food distribution. With a 3L visual hopper, you can store enough food to last for days, minimizing the need for frequent refills.

Remote Feeding & Meal Scheduling: Easily control and customize feeding times through our user-friendly app. Schedule up to 8 meals a day with 1-20 portions per meal, giving you flexibility and control over your pet's diet.

Personalized Meal Calls: Record a special 10-second voice message that plays at mealtime, adding a personal touch that makes your pet feel loved and cherished.

Live Interactions: The built-in 720p camera with a 115-degree wide view angle allows you to interact with your pets in real-time via live video and voice on the app.

Dual Power Supply: Powered by both a wall adapter and batteries, the SmartFeeder offers peace of mind during power outages.

Easy to Clean: The detachable food bowl and grain outlet make cleaning simple and quick.

Versatility: The feeder is compatible with various types of dry food, including single-shape and mixed-shape kibbles, as well as freeze-dried foods.

Adopt the SmartFeeder from PawCove and redefine your pet's feeding experience today.