Pawcove Autopet Feeder & Water Bowl Combo - Auto Dog Feeder, Pets Automatic Pet Feeder

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Ensure your furry friends are always well-fed and hydrated with the Best Automatic Pet Feeder. This innovative automatic dog feeder, also suitable for cats, features a cutting-edge automatic supply design, effortlessly dispensing food and water to keep your pets satisfied, even when you're away. Crafted from premium, food-grade PP material, it's not only easy to clean but also ensures your pets enjoy healthier meals.



Automatic Supply Design
Keeps your pets fed and hydrated with the convenience of gravity, ensuring they never go hungry.

Premium Material
Crafted from food-grade PP material, promoting healthier eating and safer hydration for your pets.

Large Capacity
The automatic cat water dispenser holds 3.8 L of water, and the dog food dispenser holds 2.1 kg of food, reducing the need for frequent refills.

Dryness Maximizing Lid
The lid on top of the gravity feeder ensures the dryness of cat food, preventing spoilage and maintaining freshness.



Q: Can I use it for both cats and dogs?
A: Absolutely! The Automatic Pet Feeder is designed to cater to the needs of both cats and dogs.

Q: How often do I need to refill the water and food?
A: The large capacity of the dispenser reduces the frequency of refills. It holds 3.8 L of water and 2.1 kg of food.

Q: Is it easy to clean?
A: Yes, the feeder and waterer are made of food-grade PP material, making them easy to clean with water.

Q: Does it prevent food spoilage?
A: Yes, the dryness-maximizing lid on the gravity feeder helps prevent spoilage and maintains the freshness of cat food.

Q: Can I track the remaining amount of food and water?
A: Absolutely! The transparent windows on both the feeder and water dispenser allow you to easily monitor the remaining amount.



Step 1. Fill & Set: Add your pet's favorite food to the dispenser and fill the waterer. Set them up in your desired location.

Step 2. Gravity Dispensing: The automatic design uses gravity to continuously dispense food and water, keeping your pets satisfied.

Step 3. Monitor & Enjoy: Use the transparent windows to monitor the levels and enjoy peace of mind knowing your pets are well-fed and hydrated.



  • Smart Device: No
  • Material: Food-grade PP
  • Type: Dogs and Cats
  • Capacity: Water - 3.8 L, Food - 2.1 kg
  • Product Names: Pet Feeder, Pet Drinker
  • Product Numbers: 23G0177MW0029, 23G0178MW0029, 23X0576MW0000