PawCove's Pet Smart Water Dispenser - Automatic Fountain, Cat Water Dispenser, Pet Wellness

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Are you tired of your noisy, outdated pet water bowls? Upgrade to the PawCove's  Pet Smart Water Dispenser! This innovative 3L Automatic pet water dispenser combines convenience and innovation. Our intelligent Cat Water Fountain features an ultra-quiet and low-consumption pump. It is one of the best fountain for pet. Don't miss out on this "Ultra Silent Smart Pet Drinking Fountain" for your beloved feline companion!



Ultra-quiet, low-consumption pump
Enjoy a peaceful home as this pump ensures minimal noise, creating a calm environment for both you and your cat.

Powerful filtering function
Keep your cat's water clean and fresh, contributing to their overall health and well-being.

Anti-dry burning system
Rest easy knowing the pump automatically stops when water levels are low, preventing any accidents or damage.

USB interface with an elegant LED light
Experience safety and convenience while adding an ambient glow to your pet's hydration station.



How often should I clean the water fountain?
We recommend cleaning the fountain every 1-2 weeks to maintain water quality.

Can I use this for multiple cats?
Yes, the 3L capacity is suitable for households with multiple feline friends.

Is the LED light optional?
Yes, the LED light can be turned on or off according to your preference.

Is the pump easy to replace if needed?
Yes, the pump is easily replaceable, ensuring long-term use.

Does it work with filtered water?
Yes, you can use filtered water to enhance the fountain's performance.



STEP 1: Fill the fountain with water and turn it on.

STEP 2:The ultra-quiet pump circulates and filters the water, providing a constant flow.

STEP 3:The LED light adds a calming ambiance to your cat's drinking experience.



  • Smart Device: Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Battery
  • With Water Dispenser: Yes
  • Max Output: 200g
  • Min Output: 50g
  • Sensor Function: Approximately 3m distance
  • Ultra Silent Pump: Less than 30 dB
  • Induction Angle: Cone angle of 180 degrees
  • Capacity: 3L


Elevate your cat's hydration experience with the PawCove Cat Water Fountain, offering a peaceful, clean, and convenient solution with a touch of elegance. Ensure your furry friend's health and happiness today.