PawCove AutoCatLaser - Cat Toy, Indoor Cat Toy, Laser Light Cat Toy

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Elevate your cat's playtime with the AutoCatLaser Toy. This interactive smart teasing pet led cat toy boasts a built-in LED laser, motion sensor, and handheld design, making it the ideal choice for indoor feline fun. Your cat will be captivated by the enticing laser light, promoting exercise and mental stimulation. This laser cat toy has adjustable speed modes and 360-degree automatic movement. Overall this indoor cat toy is the perfect choice to keep your pet entertained and healthy.




Smart Sensing Cat Toy
The advanced motion sensor activates the laser when your cat is in motion, turning it off after 5 minutes to prevent overstimulation.

Adjustable Speed Modes
Choose from three-speed settings to match your cat's energy level, ensuring a customized play experience.

Handheld Design
The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand, making playtime interactive and engaging.

360-Degree Automatic Movement
The laser moves randomly across floors and walls, mimicking prey to satisfy your cat's hunting instincts.



Q. Is the laser safe for pets?
A. Yes, the laser is Class IIIa with a 5mW max power output, ensuring a safe play experience.

Q. Does it automatically turn off?
A. Yes, the cat toy turns off after 15 minutes to prevent overstimulation and keep the game exciting.

Q. How does it entertain cats?
A. The laser moves randomly, engaging your cat's hunting instincts, and you can control the laser's direction.

Q. Can I adjust the speed?
A. Yes, the laser light cat toy comes with three-speed modes to match your cat's preferences.

Q. How do I install it?
A. Simply hold the automatic cat toy in your hand and enjoy interactive play with your cat.



Step 1: Activate the AutoCatLaser Toy with the motion sensor.

Step 2: Choose the desired speed mode to match your cat's energy level.

Step 3: Watch as the laser moves automatically, providing endless entertainment for your feline friend.



Type: Cats
Toys Type: Laser Toys
Material: Plastic
Smart Device: YES
Applicable Breed: For all cats and dogs
360 Degree Automatic: Yes


The AutoCatLaser Toy is the perfect solution for indoor cats seeking interactive and stimulating play. With its smart sensing technology, adjustable speed modes, and handheld design, it offers safe and engaging entertainment for your pet. Keep your cat active and entertained with this captivating laser cat toy!