Cat Bed Maze - Meow Donut Tunnel

$30.89 $51.09

Limited time only
The Most Versatile & Fun Cat Bed😻 🐾 Combines a cat cave, tunnel and bed into one to save you money and space!

🐾 This all-in-one cat bed combines playtime and naptime to appeal to every cat’s needs and perferences.

🐾 Donut-shape bed for cats that love to perch.

🐾 Durable scratch-resistant felt.

🐾 Zip apart in seconds & Easy to clean!

🐾 Super spacious interior for cats to hide and tunnel in!

Introducing the Cat Bed Maze - Meow Donut Tunnel! It's the most versatile and fun cat bed out there, combining a cat cave, tunnel, and bed in one. It saves space and money while appealing to every cat's needs. The durable scratch-resistant felt and easy-to-clean design make it a practical choice. With a spacious interior, it's perfect for hiding and tunnelling. Treat your furry friend to the ultimate cat bed experience today!

Size M is for cats around 2-8 pounds, size L is for cats around 8-16 pounds.