BrilliancePaws Interactive Toy - Spark Joy in Every Mealtime Moment

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Tired of worrying about your pet's choking risk?

Solving Choking Worries with Ingenious Design Crafted with precision, the Slow Feeder revolutionizes pet feeding. Its adjustable design challenges your furry friend to strategize and work for treats, ensuring they eat at a safe pace. Say goodbye to choking hazards and hello to worry-free meal sessions.


Promotes Safer Eating
Prevents choking by encouraging slower, more mindful eating habits.

Boosts IQ
Engages cognitive skills, enhancing your pet's intellect as they solve the treat-release puzzle.

Tailored Engagement
Adjust the challenge level to your pet's skills for ongoing engagement and progress.

Durability Assured
Crafted from premium PP material, this toy withstands rigorous play while being safe for pets.

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Tailored ChallengeAdjust difficulty levels to match your pet's abilities, ensuring continuous engagement.

Dual Compatibility
Ideal for both dogs and cats, fostering a playful environment for all your furry friends.

Instant Attraction
Rolling the ball during the first use releases treats, instantly captivating your pet's attention.

Vibrant Variety
Choose from pink, blue, or yellow to match your pet's personality.

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How it works

1. Load & Fill
Insert treats into the Slow Feeder's dispenser.

2. Roll & Play
Encourage your pet to roll the toy, releasing treats as they interact.

3. Mind & Delight
Watch them strategize, engage, and enjoy their mealtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is this suitable for both dogs and cats?
A1: Absolutely! The Slow Feeder is designed to delight pets of all kinds.

Q2: How do I adjust the difficulty level?
A2: Simply twist the toy's components to customize the challenge for your pet's skill level.

Q3: Is it safe for my pet to play with unsupervised?
A3: Yes, the Slow Feeder is crafted from premium PP material, designed with your pet's safety in mind.

Q4: Will it keep my pet entertained for hours?
A4: Certainly! The interactive nature engages their mind, preventing boredom-induced behaviors.

Q5: Can this toy accommodate different treat sizes?
A5: Yes, the dispenser is designed to accommodate various treat sizes, ensuring a delightful experience.

Q6: How can I clean the Slow Feeder?
A6: Simply dismantle the toy and wash the components with mild soap and water.